Hello everyone,

after a way too long break I finally have some news for you.

At first: I finally translated nearly all pages on my website, so everybody can read it and not only the German speaking ones. (Except Impressum and T&C, these will remain in German for now). So greetings to everybody outside Germany/Austria/Switzerland! Also from now on, the blog entries will be bilingual, too. The older posts I might translate, not sure about that though…

In the last few months i had a lot of trouble and stress, which is why i hadn’t posted an update in a long time. But some things progressed and I will tell you about these.

In my efforts to proceed with my ModLab I started writing a provisional documentation. This will function as a template for the final document as well as reminder for ideas and concepts.

With a lot of thinking I worked out the concepts for some of the modules. The symmetrical linear power supply is in the last touches of being finished. It is now completely digitally controllable. The same concept will be applied to the bigger linear power supply. But I still struggle with the switching mode power supplies.

Furthermore I got pretty good ideas for the signal tracer / logic sensor, as well as for the analog and DDS-based waveform generators. As you can see, it is piling up.

I even worked on the host-bus-controller (I stopped calling it a mainboard, since it isn’t a mainboard). There will be two versions now. One with an Arduino DUE for easy testing and debugging, and the final version with the STM32F767. I need the bigger controller since the Arduino does not have enough processing power.

Also I thought about implementing an ESP8266 or ESP32 for making a read-only webinterface via W-LAN. So you can read out the measurings and transfer them more easily to a computer.

As you can see, the project is progressing. But since I do it all in my free time which is kinda scarce at the moment, it might take a while to the next milestones.

If you have more ideas for modules or just have some general questions, feel free to contact me via the contact form or guestbook. Or just write me an e-mail (marco(at)marco-bastelt(dot)com).

So long and until next time!

Update 04. Nov. 19
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One thought on “Update 04. Nov. 19

  • 4. June 2021 at 21:15

    Hallo Marco.
    Deine interessante Seite habe ich nach einem “Netzteil-Totalschaden” zufällig gefunden.
    Da mir die Schaltung des Regelnetzteils zusagt, drängt natürlich die Frage nach nach einer
    Platine auf. Fertig oder aber Layout aber auch updat und z.B. die Anzeige u.A.

    M.f.G G.Gotschling


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