If you want you can contact me for the pcbs, I still might have some on hand.

Every pcb comes with a ready to use controller with the already flashed bootloader. If you don’t want to solder the msd parts, I can do that as well.

The Parts

I will not solder everything onboard for you, since I can’t afford that for every board. If you want the Bill of Material, here are the carts from Reichelt:

Some of these parts you might actually already have on hand so you can save a litte.


Some parts I could not find on Reichelt, but you can cheat a little:

The Display DIPS082 should be placed on a socket. If you want both pictures, you can just switch the display to whatever board you are currently using. That will save you ~10€.

Since so wide sockets don’t exist or are expensive, you can use a flat 14 pin IC socket, cut it in half and you are done.


There are two SMD parts on the pcbs. These can be a bit hard to solder. But thankfully there is a trick for these, too.

Solder one pin of the part so that the IC pins are aligned with the pads. Then solder the opposite corner. Now just use a bit of solder to make one big soldering on the sides connecting all pins together. With the help of solder wick now remove the excess solder. You should now have a perfectly soldered SMD-IC.

I am soldering ICs this way a long time now and only rarely had problems with that. But it is important that you check the pins (with magnifying lens or microscope) for shorts and bad spots.