The LM723 is a great IC for linear power supplies. You not only can regulate the voltage, but the maximum current as well. Even if the IC is only rated for 150mA, with the help of a bit external circuitry (external transistors), you can boost the current as much as you want and the transistor is capable of.

But at first here the Circuit and then a bit explanation.

The schematic looks way more complex than it actually is (and yes I know I could’ve drawn it better….)

R10 and R9 are the voltage divider for the output voltage. R7 is together with R5 and R6 the voltage divider for the current limiter. T1 and T2 are put together as Darlington transistor for a bigger current. R1 is the shunt resistor for the LM723, so that it knows how much current is flowing. Shunt1 is a similar shunt for an external power meter (voltage and amp meter) so you can see how much is flowing and what voltage is at the output.

In this circuit the output voltage is between 1..20V and the current from 0..2A. If you want a higher current, you can vary R1 and/or R7.