A discrete 8-bit computer

The MyCPU is a processor completely built with discrete logic gates (and a few RAMs and ROMs). This project kept growing until it became a complete computer with the following features:

  • Built mostly from 74HC TTL series. No higher integrated parts used (except for EPROMs, RAMs and UART controllers)
  • Running with up to 8 MHz
  • Available hardware:
    • 8bit CPU wih 8MHz (“MyCPU”)
    • 1.03MB RAM / 128 kB ROM
    • Interrupt controller (8 IRQs)
    • Multi-I/O card with LPT, 2x Serial, LCD port, PS/2 Keyboard
    • IDE-Controller for up to 4 harddrives
    • VGA graphics card
    • 10Mbit Ethernet controller
  • DOS-like operating system, Contiki and chip8 interpreter, programming tools, TCP/IP stack, HTTP webserver
  • compilers for BASIC, Assembler and C.
  • Realtime OS “pico]OS”
  • Open Source!

If you are interested, check out the project page at www.mycpu.eu from Dennis Kuschel.

At my website I only show you how I built one and how that went.