The Linear regulated Power Supply is capable of providing 1..24V at 0..1,5A.

The power supply consists of a LM723-chip with a Darlington-transistor stage as regulator and more current flow. The basics are already explained under “Powoer supplies -> LPS LM723”

Since the FMAS only has one single DC voltage with only 9V, I had to rectify the 24V AC and filtered it. This voltage was then put on the input of the voltage regulator.

With the help of a shunt resistor and a voltage divider the current as well as the voltage could be displayed on a small digital voltmeter. With the flick of a switch you can change between voltage and current measurement. Although the accuracy is not the best (tolerances of ca. 15%) it is enough to see tendencies and errors. You can increase the accuracy by using presicion resistors and a wheatstone bridge. With this it should get way more accurate.

The power supply is one of the biggest modules for the FMAS, so it takes up some space.

And as always schematic and pictures