Everything for the workspace from your own hands

How everything startet…
During my training at the KIT we built a 19″ rack for which we made a lot of modules. This system was ingenious, but the AC voltages on the backplane were problematic and the only DC was 9V. It was tedious to rectify and smoothing the voltages just to use a voltage regulator every time…
It occupied space otherwise needed and overall might have costed a lot.

The Idea
After some thinking about how to optimize this system, I decided to design my own. I could reuse the transformer to have 280VA power to play with. The voltages of the transformer were a bit odd (12V, 12V 24V 20-0-20V) but nothing too bad. Everything was dimensioned for 3A. Enough current for my projects.

During this project some mistakes were made and i had to make a few compromises. It will not be further developed. Instead I am working on the successor project “ModLab”. With better planning and more time for each part (the Arduino workstation was made in quite a hurry). A better backplane design and more modules will be made for it. More infos here on my website 😉